Vinn recognizes the humanity we share and celebrates the details that make us each unique.

Vinn is a sustainable fashion brand that produces women's apparel on a made-to-order basis. All of our items are completely customizable to reflect your unique style.

The Venn Diagrams Behind Vinn

Our Shared Humanity

At Vinn, we believe that as humans we actually have more in common than in difference. We believe that recognizing what we share is just as important as celebrating what makes us each unique.

People & Planet

We believe that to achieve sustainability we must have a balance between people and planet. At Vinn, we do this through our social impact focused on creating jobs for women and our zero-waste initiatives for the planet.

Makers & Consumers

Those who make and those who wear clothes have so much in common. Our tailor-made experience is designed to remind us as consumers that there is a person behind every single dress.

Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion

Well not everything has something in common. The only thing that Vinn shares with fast fashion is that we too make & sell clothes. Unlike fast fashion, our process is built on empowering both people & planet.

Meet our Founder

Vinn is led by Morgan Ginn. After university, Morgan moved to Uganda for work. One of the first things that stood out about Uganda was the tailors on every corner. Every weekend you could find Morgan at the market working with tailors to have items custom-made. Morgan immediately fell in love with the feeling of choosing the fabric, the design and the fit for her clothing. She quickly realized how much more sustainable this system was rather than the American way of fast-fashion.

In 2019, Morgan met Susan Namirimu and the two partnered together to launch Mtindo Studio, a tailoring factory in northern Uganda that creates employment for women and provides education to girls. In 2021, Morgan launched Vinn to bring the Ugandan made-to-order experience to America. All of the items from Vinn are produced at Mtindo Studio and create employment for women.

Apparel For Every Season of Life

Vinn operates on the principle that loved clothes last.

This is why we give you the opportunity to customize every piece to reflect your unique style. When we truly love the clothes we wear, it is better for us and for our planet.