Made in Uganda

100% of our supply chain can be traced throughout Uganda--creating jobs every step of the way

1. Cotton

Our cotton is grown, spun, and dyed in Uganda. We work with certified Cotton Made in Africa--an internationally recognized standard for sustainable cotton from Africa.

2. Weaving

Next, our cotton is handwoven through a very intricate process to create a soft and lightweight cotton material.

3. Cut & Sew

Next, the material is then delivered to our tailoring factory, Mtindo Studio, in Uganda where it is cut and sewn on order based on the specifications from the customer.

Every order helps us create more jobs for women in Uganda and our profits support girls education through our tailoring academy in Uganda.

5. Shipped to you

Once your dress is finished, we package it up using eco-friendly materials and ship it to you.

We're happy to be delivering the #madeinuganda experience all around the world.

We hope your Vinn apparel travels with you through every season of life